luni, 9 mai 2011

Moby Video Contest

Si in sfarsit am placerea si onoarea sa va prezint clipul despre care vorbeam zilele trecute

Moby - Be the One ('Hello, Future' video challenge submission) from anthony Icuagu on Vimeo.

It is good, it is evil, it scares us, it thrills us, we loath it, crave it and yet need it. It is an ending cycle. We are imprisoned in its grasp of inevitability. In life, in death, in suffering and in struggle, we all reach the moment that forces us to say, "hello, future".

Director - Anthony Icuagu

Cinematographer - Alexandru Popescu

Actors - Ioana Picos, Gabriela Nita, Mihai Marin, Anthony Icuagu

Special Thanks to


-Andy Platon

-Dragos Schwartz

-Silviu Hudini

-Marcel Lovin


-Vlad Toma

Concept Developement

-Anthony Icuagu

-Marius Virag

-Alexandru Popescu

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